Different Plastic Raw Materials & Their Uses

If we move around our house, so there are lots of things made up of plastics and rubbers. No doubt, plastics & rubbers are one of the cheapest sources of generation cost effective and innovative daily use products. From soap dish to airplane jack, everything is made up of plastics or rubbers have the uniqueness that we’d not noticed before. Behind these products, there are some raw materials that made those products prosper for us. Different plastic raw materials have properties different from each other that are why they are divided by their applications and nature. Some are highly moldable while others are hard like stone but all of these useful for different applications. Here are some commonly used plastic raw materials that I’ve compiled especially for your easiness while choosing the right one for your production demands.

Plastic Products
ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene founded as one of the useful light weight plastic raw materials on this planet. There is a versatile range of products made up of ABS materials and supposed as powerful, so some of them are pipe systems, automotive parts, medical devices, personal safety products and shock absorbers.

ABS Granules

EVA Slippers are considered as one of the most comfortable footwear to be worn. Basically, EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and it is a plastic raw material mostly used in shoes. It is famous among shoe makers because of its flexibility, comfortable behavior, softness and shock absorbance.

EVA Raw Materials

HDPE or High Density Polyethylene found mostly in the form of granules and it can be converted into finished products through different easy processes like injection molding. HDPE can be seen as finished product in bottles & caps, food containers, backpacking frames, folding tables, plastic bags and water pipes.

HDPE Granules

Low Density Polyethylene or LDPE was most usable plastic raw materials for many products. LDPE can be used for medical disposables and medicine vials. It was banned as plastic shopping bags because they normally caused drainage problems.

LDPE Grains

LLDPE or Linear Low Density Polyethylene can be considered as one of the lowest quality of plastic raw materials but its usage differentiates it clearly from LDPE. They mostly found in crystalline form as raw materials and can be used for many commercial applications like stretch wrap, plastic bags, pouches, pipes and cable covers.

LLDPE Granules

PA or Polyamide can be seen in many textile products, carpets, sportswear and cushions as a liner called nylon. PA is a plastic raw material mostly found in its molecular form and can be obtained through many online resources for finished goods productions.

PA Plastic Materials

Polycarbonate is one of the casual thermoplastic polymers mostly seen as the finished products like electronic components, building materials, security components, fashion accessories and DVDs. Polycarbonate can be easily thermoformed so it is found in different sectors of life.

PC Granules

PET is short form of Poly Ethylene Terephthalate which is common thermoplastic resin used to produce various consumer and non-consumer goods like bottles, food containers and storage boxes. PET is recyclable so found in most of finished products necessary to be disposed after used.

PET Raw Materials

Poly Methyl Methacrylate or PMMA is a crystal thermoplastic raw material that can be seen in many artistic products like key chains, showpieces, airplane models, acrylic glass and jewelry.

PMMA Raw Resins

PP or Polypropylene is one of the plastic raw materials that can be seen in packaging, labeling, lids, furniture, cans, containers and much more. It is recyclable that’s why it is common in all sorts of industries

PP Resins

Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene or PTFE is only the plastic raw material used for coating the non-stick frying pans and it is commonly known as Teflon.

PTFE Grains

PVC is so common type of plastic raw material chemically named as “Poly Vinyl Chloride”. It is known as one of the useful resources to made recyclable and disposable products.

PVC Prills

If you want to purchase these raw materials in bulk quantity or for manufacturing the odd things in your house, so there are many useful resources are available for your easiness. You just need to check online where is available your requirement and its reliable or not!